Monday, December 30, 2013

Makeshift introduction?

Hello big world,
welcome to a blog- my blog. I want you all to know that this is a (relatively) safe haven for fellow ranters, and anyone really (but mostly just hippies and radical thinkers). You can come here, and read what I write on the screen of your Mac, while sipping your Chukka Root tea infused with the milk of virgin Yaks from you up-cycled jar. Feel free to make connections and agreements to my writing, or hate it. either way, I'm sure that bond between our two computers will be a long, lasting one.
 I will tell you this now: I am not some famed writer who snootily corrects people's grammer, who's writing this blog as a pastime between my novels. No. I'm a highschooler who has a lot to say, and not enough people around me to say it to. thank god for the cyberwebs. So prepare to embark on a wild adventure of feminism, contradicting statements and attempts at philosophy (which will probably result in a confusing heap of jargon for your enjoyment). Buckle you seat belts, kids. Here we go.
By the way, I have no idea what "Chukka Root" is.

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