Thursday, February 20, 2014

If you're gonna be a TV head, at least be a Feminist TV head

Hello Hello, 
As promised, Here is my complete list of tv shows that ALL kids should watch because they don't promote gender roles or conform to stereotypes. I still watch all of these so feel no shame in watching if you're not a kid. Unfortunately, none of these run on TV anymore because people are stupid, but complete episodes can be found on youtube and Netflix if you have it. They are ranked from Awesome to Awesome. So enjoy.

1) Kim Possible
I've already expressed how much I love this show. Basically, It's this red-head girl with awesome karate skills and cool sci-fi spy gear who deals with villains and evil people and all that with the help of her friend, Ron (who is in love with her, of course) and this pink rat who can talk. Don't ask. It's awesome and girl-power and yep. She's really brave and should be every girl (and boy's) role model. Much love for Kim. And she had a great midriff.

2) Pepper Ann 
UGH this show was amazing. From the 90s, Pepper Ann was this funky, spunky girl with frizzy hair and glasses who basically dealt with moral issues in her life. She was kinda awkward and geeky and AMAZING, and hung out with a group of outcasts and basically showed what friendship is really like. I liked it especially because she didn't feel the need to be "beautiful", but preferred reading and being intellectual which is (prepare yourself for the cheesiness) the most beautiful thing. Also, her mom's a hardcore feminist who is often contemplating the glass ceiling and proving that woman are just as strong and capable as men. GO PEPPER ANN'S MOM
3) Daria
Please, Please tell me you've seen this show. It's a group of pessimistic teens who show us the idiotic antics of the people around them through their eyes. The main character, Dara, is a wonderfully sarcastic, misanthropic girl. She takes us through her life with her friends and her experiences and embodies the highschool life perfectly. Not really for the really younger ones, but whatev. Amazing and awesome and perfect and YAY pessimistic feminists. 

4) The Secret World of Alex Mack
THIS SHOW. This show is so dang cool. It's this cool 90s girl, who wears overalls and hats and gets into a crazy science accident where she gets powers from getting radioactive goo spilt on her. She can do awesome stuff, but is also really smart, funny and has friends who love her. I watched it when I was... maybe 9 for the first time, and I felt so much girl power afterwards. It's a must watch, despite it's horrible special effects. She also deals the problems with highschool and popularity and what it means to fit in and all of that. As a bonus, it was also Jessica Alba's fist TV appearance, as the mean, popular girl. so that's entertaining too.

5) Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Yay, another girl with powers doin' cool stuff and figuring out highschool. Except she's a witch. And she's played by Melissa Joan Hart. So basically, it's awesomeness. I began reading the comic strips that were printed in the "Archie" and "Betty and Veronica" comic books, and when I found out there was a show, I was so happy. Her cat is a witch trapped in the body of a cat who is wise and chill, and advises Sabrina not only on her witch stuff, but on highschool as well. She deals with parties and popularity, and boys and it's from the nineties, so the clothes are interesting and the music is great. She's independant and smart and lives with her cool aunts (who I thought were lesbian moms when I first watched) and there are no patriarchal men and yep. pretty sweet stuff.

6) Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Ah, Buffy. Every feminist, no, Every WOMAN must watch this show. We have this beautiful, smart woman who finds out she's the chosen vampire fighter that is the only who who can save the world (or at least Sunnydale). She surrounds herself with close, loyal friends who get know as the "Scooby Gang". Not only is this show awesome because Buffy is wildly independant and powerful, but also because she is so real and human. She is a great, dynamic character that grows throughout the series. In fact, all the characters do. What makes this show extra awesome is that it had the first lesbian character on TV. Yes, Alyson Hannigan plays the first shy and timid girl who grows into a brave, strong and openly lesbian vampire-killing sidekick. Buffy not only battle vampires, but also her feeling for the bad boy vampire who she loves: Angel. Anyways yeah. It's a great, girl-power show that warms everyone's heart. Great characters, great storyline. Great, great, great.

7) Sailor Moon
I am obsessed. Not only do I love it because duh- anime, but I just love this story. This kinda ditzy girl named Usagi Tsukino meets this cat named Luna who tells her she's destined to save the world. Do you see a pattern here... cat... girl with powers. yep. So her and the awesome moon princesses 
Sailor Mercury- the brains
Sailor Mars- the psychic
Sailor Jupiter- the... tomboy (originally a lesbian in the original japanese version)
Sailor Venus- the cheerful one
Take on evil forces. they encounter the mysterious Tuxedo mask who turns out to be Usagi's true love. Just a fab show. 10/10 amazing. I the movies actually, before I saw the show. It was my 11th birthday and they were on VHS tape. Ah, memories. So sweet. So awesome. Please watch this show. So much girl power. So much feminist power. UGH so good.

 Those are all the one's I could think of right now :)

If you think I missed any, email me (email in the sidebar). So yeah. I hope I've given you some good material to watch, and I wish you good luck in you Feminist TV show adventure if you choose to take it. 

Kisses and Many feminist Vibes,


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