Sunday, January 19, 2014

52 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist

Hello Hello all you strange things

Tonight I've finished my little creation- a deck book of why I am a feminist. 
A deck book is basically a deck of cards turned into... wait for it... a book. So I took a 1.50$ deck of cards from Walgreens, wrote every reason I could think of for being a feminist (or at least 52 of them), punched some holes and voila. 

 Using just some sharpies and rings hanging around the house, a little bundle of feminism can be made by even you, mysterious stranger. Here are some of the inside. I mixed two decks, one red one black, to get the colors and cards I wanted. 

So there you have it kiddos, this is what I do with my free time. Enjoy. Be inspired. Feel the feminism coursing through your veins!! Well, okay. Maybe not coursing through your veins... but you get the idea. 
Anyways, I'll probably do more crafty stuff like this and share with you guys, forbidding that I don't get sucked into the unescapable pit that is NETFLIX. 

Goodnight from my feminist lair,

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