Monday, January 13, 2014

Artsy Fartsy

Hello Hello, my hopefully existant audience.

Tonight I will not be ranting, but rather showing off. After my "Of Promiscuity and Other Such Arbitrary Concepts" post (which you should certainly read if you haven't already), I began an art campaign focusing on ending what I hate most- "Slut Shaming".

Simply called "Innocent Bodies",  my collection of drawing is now ready to see the world. Though there are only four right now, I will be adding to the collection periodically with new drawings and excitements. 
Yes, I've done these digitally, but the work is all mine. 

Blood, sweat and tears went into these drawings, so I beg of thee- please enjoy. So without further ado, I present "Innocent Bodies"

Voila. And there you have it. I do hope you enjoy my artwork, and of course their message (I need not reming you that I wrote extensively on the message I'm trying to convey in that previously mentioned post). 
If you would like to tell me how you feel about these pieces, I'd love to hear it. Comments are welcomed with open arms, and of course, an email adress with which you can contact me is in the sidebar.

Goodnight from my feminist-cave,
 and stop "slut shaming"

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