Thursday, January 9, 2014

Look At Me Rebelling.

Hello Hello you rebellious scoundrels.
tonight, on this friday-eve I am here to grace you with my angsty opinions. 
As a teenage girl/woman/female thing, I am literally expected to be a rolling ball of uncontrollable emotions. I am so tired of adults slapping these hyperbolic, archetypal stereotypes onto us teenage boy/girl/men/women/female/male things. For some reason, there's just this misconception that kids in our teens are each combinations of all the worst traits in adults. I'll explain now, so I don't just seem like those horrid people who complain without justification.
A teenage girl is constantly under close scrutiny. What she wears. Her makeup. Her relationships. What she does, what she doesn't do. When it comes to sex...
yes. Well put Allison. Breakfast Club Gifs always deliver.
Anyways. Everything is such a big deal. Parents, though loving, don't always understand. Adults brush off issues we have in our life because they think they are huge exaggerations budding from the teenage girl's tendency to be an emotional roller coaster that just never stops rollin'. They look at us like we're ticking time bombs, about to explode at any moment with a catastrophic BOOM of rebellion and bad pop-music.
Please. Do not think that this is me bashing adults. I'm not that angsty. I just want this "Marking" of teenagers to stop. Not every teenage girl dreams of dating a human ken doll, and spends their daddy's money on getting their hair dyed blonde.
 Contrary to popular belief, we teens are actually humans too. Yes, we may have radical-dadical ideas and dress like we're trying to bring back the 80s (which I personally am trying to do), but we're not that different from the adults passing judgement upon us. we're just younger, more beautiful and have room to wisen up. 
I apologize for focusing only on the teenage girls, when the boys have it just at bad. 
Lay off the boys. They may be immature at times, and still laugh at the same poop jokes from 2nd grade. Yes, they may wear way to much Nike, and yes, they may be clueless at how to socially interact with girls (in ways not involving poop-jokes), but teenage boys aren't the enemy. Being a teenage boy does not mean all you think about is Suzy's Mom and getting laid on friday nights. It's not about drugs, and sagging pants. Surprisingly, it's not even always about poop-jokes (Key word: surprisingly). Just like teen girls are not rolling balls of emotions, teen boys are not horny, rolling balls of hormones. The teenage population is not composed of barbie and ken dolls who want to join forces to bring down the adult world and never want to grow up.
Sorry Peter. Not today (Nice tights though).

So all I'm asking on this friday-eve is to lay of the stereotyping. We teens will someday grow up and be the age of the adults judging us now. And they'll probably be dead. It's life- what can ya' do. So let us enjoy our youth, rebellion-filled or not as the case may be. Stop scrutinizing. Start feminizing. And goodnight for now.

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