Monday, January 6, 2014

Why I went into highschool with high hopes

Hello Hello.
Before I begin writing, I would like to say that I have begun school again so... I might be more inconsistant with my posts. But I'll try my best. Also, I promise not to watch too much Netflix and forget about my blog (note to self: just because the Breakfast Club is on Netflix does NOT mean you have to watch it everyday). But with school comes great stress, and my stress relief is writing, so who knows. this just might work out. Oh, and I don't really go out on the weekends so... yeah. The first dance of the school year is coming up this saturday and I'm excited to announce that I will be spending it tucked under my comforter, a cup of tea in my hand, the familiar warmth of my laptop on my stomach, typing away on my blog. So look foreword to that. Exciting times [yippee]. 

Down to business- considering that it is 10:30 and I do enjoy sleep. When I was growing up, my pre-highschool self was obsessed with the idea of highschool. I spent my homeworkless hours watching shows like That's So Raven, and Wizards Of Waverley Place, and the other stupid shows that Disney used to brainwash me into thinking highschool was easier that junior high. Hahaha NO. I would sit in front of my computer, just like I am now, and eat up the stories of these highschool girls, who somehow wore heels to school everyday, and somehow managed to do absolutely no homework. Even if the character was a "good student", they literally never did homework. Once I moved on from the disney shows, I began watching the ABC shows, like Pretty Little Liars. Seriously, those girls are wearing designer clothing and five inch heels everyday, and have so much free time and money that I literally though that once I got to highscool my wardrobe would miraculously fill with fabulous clothing and I'd be able to strut around the hallway in my stilettos and be just like the girls I saw. If only life was that good. 
This isn't me bashing those shows. No, I'll watch an episode of That's So Raven any day. But I really wish that disney would stop making me think that every highschool has only three types of people: the anti social "nerds", with the stereotypical taped-up glasses and braces who will let you copy their homework if you do weird favors for them, the spunky and "different" group (who would be the main characters in the show), and of course the group of catty girls that follow one leader and wear either cheerleader outfits, or color coordinated outfits in either pink or purple. I though I'd have it all figured out as long as I was sassy like Raven, dramatic like the girls in Pretty Little Liars, said really, really cheesy things like every character in Disney highschool shows, and wore clothes that were questionably out of taste, but worked because they were worn on TV and somehow that justified it.  
Thankfully I also was able to watch shows that accurately captured what highschool is like. Shows like Freaks and Geeks ♥ and My So Called Life  that made me laugh and cry. Those are the shows that I can relate to now, and that I wish every junior high kid would watch. 
Yes! Please Please watch all those highschool shows from the 80s! Watch the Breakfast Club. Seriously, the 80s birthed so many good highschool shows and movies that I wish I could live out my highschool days back then. Back in the days of high-waisted everything, and hideous prints that everyone secretly loved (and still love). When Birkenstocks were hot, and frizzy hair and chunky jewelry were trés cool. 
So please do not enter highschool with the Disney-influenced delusion I had, and watch the 80s movies. Just do it. 
Goodnight from my cozy bed-cave

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