Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Hello Hello and prepare to venture once again, back to the mysterious and dangerous place also known as my mind. Firstly, do ignore the sexist nature of my title, which I took from our well known, sexist song. How do you know I'm made of sugar and spice and everything nice? Oh that's right, you don't. Anyways, I chose it because I'm in a Little Rascals kind of mood, and though I won't be ranting about the Little Rascals, I have found some excellent gifs which I will be using from that glorious movie. 
Today, on this particularly regular tuesday, I will be ranting to you about boys.
Sorry, sorry. I couldn't help myself. Moving swiftly onwards. I am, as you probably know by now, in highschool.And as a highschool girl, of course I hear a lot about boys. Highschool is where girls start coming into themselves. We've gone through puberty so *magically* we don't have the bodies of nine-year-old boys anymore. Breast. Butts. Booty, hips, curves. And we like to feel pretty and confident, and for many girls (too many, if you ask me) the main way to feel confident and attractive is to have attention from the male species. It's no secret. Everyone likes compliments. But compliments from boys are special. well, unless the girl isn't straight- that's a different story. So let me put it this way- getting attention and compliments from whatever sex you're attracted to is  a very boosting, and desired thing for us highschool ladies. And for college ladies. and working ladies. there is nothing wrong with liking to be noticed, and being called pretty. sure, it's nice when a guy or girl or whatev finds you attractive. YES I know I kinda perpetuate the whole "I don't need your opinion" thing- which I believe in. But you get what I'm saying. Even though you don't need their affirmation to know how lovely you are, it's nice to hear.
Ok now I can rant. What I don't like- what I despise is when girls/women/female things degrade themselves for attention. Why do you think there is the whole "Ditz" character? For some reason, many men find the clueless, dumb girl who can't do anything but wear cleavage-y dresses really "hot". But we'll get into that in another post. This is for the girls/women/female things. Remember how we talked about... OK how I talked about how changing yourself for other people is the lamest most lame thing that anyone could ever do and you should never do it because it's lame?
Yes, I have a gif for everything. Get over it honey, I know I'm fabulous.
Well this falls under the whole don't-change-yourself-for-others-because-it's.... ok you get the point. I personally do not go to a school where this is a problem (thank god) but it really is at other schools. Girls feel like they have to be dumb and vulnerable for guys to notice them. The damsel in distress scenario is kinda hard to pull of in highschool because of the whole lack of castles and 200 lb. armor thing. So girls instead make themselves seem like they need help from some dude so that he'll be able to fill the desired manly-man, knight-in-LAME-armor archetype and swoop into rescue her from the evil math problem that she just can't solve on her own. Must I make a Mean Girls Reference?? I think not. 
Don't pretend you don't know things. UGH. Being smart is sexy. Knowing stuff is hot. If you degrade yourself, all you're doing is boosting the dude's ego, and it may seem like you're benefiting...but do you really want people thinking you're a "ditz". No honey.
Also, this whole thing about guys not liking girls who are smarter than them is such crap. 
Dudes- if you feel threatened by girls to the point that you only find those who are less intelligent than you attractive then you need to GROW UP. Women aren't just sacks of potatoes who just roll around and can't solve math problems or conjugate verbs in french class, waiting for you to swing them over your shoulder and carry them into the sunset. And if you don't feel threatened and you just "don't like them" then I don't know what's wrong with you, but obviously something is. Sorry, was that too harsh? Sorry for not being sorry :)
And for the lovely ladies. Be proud of you're smarts, and be proud of your everything. If you don't know how to do the math problem, fine. If the conjugation of "aimer" in french just doesn't click, cool. But be proud of yourself girl. JEEZ there I go being all  mushy and inspirational. I try not to, I swear. But I just want all you lovely girl/woman/female things to stop trying to make themselves dumber, ditzier, vulnerable..er? More vulnerable, more helpless. Be strong, and remember

Ok? Ok. And if you encounter someone who can't handle you in all your glory, then here are some steps to walk you through the process:
1. Smile 
2. flip you hair, or some equally sassy action (snapping gum, placing hand on hip rolling of eyes or all in combination are recommended) 
3. turn around
4. begin walking away
5.finish off with a 

And I think that'll do it. 
So yeah kids, that's all for tonight. Next post will be about the male side of this, and then another will be about my love for Jessica Rabbit and other Femme Fatale Characters... so *whoop whoop* look foreword to that I suppose. Don't forget to submit or write to me if you got anything to say (email in the sidebar, duh).

Be well, be swell. Ummm... don't lower youself.... Smart is sexy... I don't really need to recap the whole post.... my gifs are amazing.... Watch the Little Rascals...
Kisses and many feminist vibes

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