Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm not going to put the word "rape" in the title...

Hello Hello humans

So, I am still cranking out these blog posts. The inspiration is still coming so savor it while it lasts, kids. 
Today was a good day. I wore My homemade tie dye shirt, smiled a lot and we're beginning a gender studies unit at school so my life has pretty much reached it's highest point. After a good day at school it feels good to sink into my bed and open up my laptop to write about a very important topic: Rape. 
I would love to rant about the pathetic excuse men give after raping a woman: "She was asking for it" "I couldn't resist myself because of her clothing". Oh, how I'd love to say that anyone who would accept such a loaded excuse for raping a woman in court is obviously deluded and should NOT be making decisions with such a bade sense of judgement. But I won't. I'm holding my tongue. 
No, I am here to talk about this huge misconception that only women are raped.  I know my past few post may come off as a bit... man-hate-ish, but contrary to popular belief, I am not a man-loathing feminism who goes around throwing copies of The Feminine Mystique and The Second Sex at people (Late New Year's Resolution: Stop throwing books at people). In fact, I'm quite in love with the supporting-men part of feminism because I'm in this for the equality and men should not be expected to be inhumanly stolid and "manly".
And with that I'll begin my rant. When a woman says she was raped by a man, it is a horrific thing. So why is it that if a teenage boy says that when he was younger he was raped by his female babysitter people often laugh and ask why he thinks that is such a bad thing. It's called "getting lucky" when a boy/man/male thing has any sort of sexual experience. It angers me so so so much that men are seen as these strong, burly creatures driven solely by sexual desire. This whole idea that men shouldn't show weakness and that a sign of greatness is the ability to bed women has bubbled over and gone too far. The very idea of refusing sex, or saying "No" to a woman's advances is disgustingly taboo. It's fine when a woman says she was violated, and taken advantage of, but god forbid a Man says he was violated. Is he not a man? How can he say he violated after having sex? The pressure on men to be these unrealistic lumberjack characters, with a wardrobe filled with plaid and rough, unshaven faces who can charm the ladies with a wink of their eye is grotesque discrimination of the male sex. We need to break down this barrier around men that society has created- stopping them from feeling free to be emotional and display feminine traits. There's nothing wrong with crying. there's nothing wrong with expressing emotions. And there's definitely NOTHING wrong about a man saying he was raped by a woman. People forget that the definition of rape is not just sex without consent from the woman. Someone's sex should not determine whether or not they're aloud to feel violated when they're raped. 
So please stop trying to turn every guy into a stone-cold lumberjack with the beard of a Viking, the body of the Hulk, and Morgan Freeman's voice. There should be just as much variation in the types of men as there are in women. 

Sleep tight and don't let the gender roles bite ♡

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